Playoff game

Lissa and I went to the game last night. Friggin awesome. Got there ealry so we could go down and watcth the warmups and got pucks from some of the trainers. When we were heading back to my car after the game we stumbled into a bunch of people lined up (waiting for the players to drive out). Stuck around and got autographs of Fahey, Goc, Ehrhoff, Preissing, Michalek, Smith, Carle, Gorges and Cheechoo (signed the puck I got at the warmups. Too cool.
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Went to the sharks game last night. Our group managed to get seagate's penthouse suite. The seats were a bit nosebleed since they are at the very top but all the other amenities made up for it. Catered food, free beer, good game. Thornton's home debut, first goal as a shark and a 5 goal game for the team.


so I sit right in front of the downstairs coffee, break area for my section of the building. The bad news is that there is a mini fridge about 5 feet from my desk (over the cube wall) which has been putting forth an ungodly stench for the last several days. It's normally all good until somebody gets their lunch then, whoosh, stench of fishy death (like a bangkok whorehouse). It's been a topic of conversation for the last several days as people pass by. "Ew, what's that smell" then they pass by. Yeah very funny, I have to sit right in front of the f*$@ing fish market. One of my coworkers finally had the balls to do the seek and destroy mission through the fridge to rid us all of the great satan lurking within. He found a month old bag of raw fish brought in by a guy who does deep sea fishing locally and brings in samples for people. So he pulls it out and sticks it in the garbage. Oh, great now it smells worse. Finally he came back and reclaimed it and took it outside after realizing he had opened pandora's fix box. Still stinks like ass in here. I'm going home early...
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